Moroccan theatrical piece “Sta f sta” awarded in Jordan

The 19th edition of the Sayf Azzarkae Festival of Arab Theater in Jordan ended on Saturday with the award ceremony for the winning theatrical performances, including the Moroccan play “Sta f sta”.

The play “Sta f sta”, written by Greek author Dimitri Basatas and directed by Anwar Hassani, won the award for best actress in a supporting role, which went to Fadwa Kaddouri.

The play deals with a set of contradictions linked to the daily life of human society, which oscillates between poverty, need, ease, superabundance, responsibility and recklessness in a comic form.

It also discusses the reality of the dominant capitalist system and how globalization is promoted and the construction of a one-way culture to the detriment of the cultures of other peoples.

Besides the Moroccan piece “Sta f sta”, several other works were in competition for the festival prizes, including “Salib Wahd” from Egypt, “Abssama Bismi Allah” from Iraq, “Diab Monfarida” from Tunisia, “Taratil thawrat nissae ”from Jordan, and“ Kaltoum ”from Algeria.

The Tunisian theatrical work “Diab Monfarida” won four awards (best actor in a leading role and supporting role, best actress in a leading role and best lighting), while the Jordanian play “Taratil thawrat Nissae” won two awards ( best Arabic theater text and best decoration).

The jury decided to retain the prize for the best complete theatrical performance, the prize for the best direction and the prize for the best musical composition, in addition to the prize for the best scenography, due to the weakness of the criteria of these rewards.

The theater play “Charchouh” from Palestine, which was the guest of honor at the festival, as well as a Syrian play were performed outside the theatrical competition in which “Sta f sta” participated.

In addition to theatrical performances, the festival program also included critical reflections and training workshops, including the actor preparation workshop held throughout the days of the festival.



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