Moroccan students who escaped war in Ukraine now face expulsion from the Netherlands

Moroccan students who escaped war in Ukraine now face expulsion from the Netherlands

Moroccan students who fled the war in Ukraine are now likely to be deported from the Netherlands to Morocco as of September 4, Dutch media report.

Dutch authorities require a permanent residence permit, which is not provided for a group of 25 students of different nationalities, including Moroccans, Iranians, Egyptians and Nigerians. The same requirement that does not apply to Ukrainian students.

According to directives issued by Dutch authorities, the students concerned are required either to apply for asylum on Dutch soil, or to leave the country immediately upon expiry of the validity of their temporary residence permit, scheduled for September 4.

In protest against this decision, the group of students staged a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Justice and the Immigration and Citizenship Office, expressing their demand for fair treatment comparable to that reserved for Ukrainian students. They fear they will find themselves homeless, forced to wander the streets of the Netherlands.

Around 2,000 students of various nationalities are in a similar situation, one student told a local media outlet.

He noted that the authorities had refused to hold a larger demonstration at the second rally, in response to the one held last Monday which brought together almost a hundred students, citing security reasons.

It’s worth remembering that countless students from various backgrounds who had chosen Ukraine as their study destination were forced to leave the country following the outbreak of the conflict involving Russia.

Faced with this chaotic situation, they have chosen to move away to seek refuge in neighboring nations, or have preferred to return to their native lands, thus facing an uncertain fate.

In this complex situation, the Moroccan government was faced with a delicate situation on their return, given the exceptional circumstances.

However, it has taken various measures and initiatives to facilitate the resumption of their studies under optimum conditions.

These included contacting the Ukrainian authorities and neighboring nations to find solutions, especially as the educational systems are relatively similar, as in the case of the Netherlands.


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