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Moroccan students in Ukraine threatened with exclusion

The situation of Moroccan students in Ukraine continues to get more complicated in the absence of a solution from the government. They are threatened with losing their year, being expelled from Ukrainian universities and having difficulty finding a place at another university.

Returned to Morocco since the beginning of the armed conflict in Ukraine following an unprecedented evacuation system, the Moroccan students are not at the end of their troubles, a few months from the end of the university year.

Since their return, they have demanded their integration into the Moroccan university system given that the resumption of classes in Ukraine seems compromised for the coming months due to the unstable security situation in this country at war.

At the same time, the students refused to pay the second semester tuition fees of their respective Ukrainian universities, believing that they do not have to pay for courses that were not taught.

The universities concerned have threatened them in return with exclusion, placing them in a delicate situation because they have not been integrated into the Moroccan system and precisely their integration is at the heart of a showdown with the Ministry of Education.

After threatening them with expulsion, Ukrainian universities have now announced that they have extended the period for payment of tuition fees. This measure is aimed in particular at Moroccan students who are at the top of the nationalities in arrears, after Indian and Chinese students.

It is about 4500 Moroccan students who are in this situation. They refused to complete the forms sent by the university administration and this refusal could be the cause of their exclusion.

The students, for their part, believe that the Ukrainian universities not only have not provided the courses that justify their payment, but also do not provide information concerning their future, nor how they plan to tackle the problem of foreign students. evacuated.

It should also be noted that the university courses chosen by these students are medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, training that requires applied and technical courses that must be performed in person, hence the difficulty of teaching. from a distance.

As a reminder, while foreign students in Ukraine had left the country to avoid war, Ukrainian universities had summoned them to return to class, threatening to exclude them.

The fate of these students is still ambiguous a few weeks before the end of classes. Abdellatif Miraoui’s department has proposed that they take an exam to determine their level and be able to integrate them into the various universities of the Kingdom according to the reception capacities.

Another track favored by the ministry relates to the integration of students in the universities of the countries bordering Ukraine, in particular Romania, given the linguistic proximity but also the study programs, considered different from those practiced in Morocco.

But these two options are categorically refused by the students and their parents who want to be integrated into the Moroccan system without conditions, judging that the entrance exam is discriminatory and threatens the future of several students whose profiles would be rejected, asking what will happen to them if they don’t pass the test.




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