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Moroccan students in Ukraine in the dark, the ministry in silence

The situation of some 8,000 Moroccan students who fled Ukraine after the outbreak of war is perplexing. While they receivedpromisesof the Ministry of Higher Education to integrate them into Moroccan universities, the department of Abdellatif Miraoui seems to have raised his hand on this file. On the side of the students and their parents, it is a total blur. The only comforting point is that they are continuing their studies remotely.

It has been almost two months since the students of Ukraine returned home. Shocked by what they experienced and saw in Ukraine, they were in a delicate situation, not knowing how to react to this situation.

After their return to Morocco, the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation of Morocco set up a platform allowing them to continue their interrupted course.

Thus, students from Ukraine were called upon to register their data on the said platform, after the ministry had already listed the list of different speakers, specializations and university levels.

According to sources from MoroccoLatestNews, the Ministry of Higher Education of Morocco is in the process of seeing with Romania and other European countries the different possibilities of integrating its students into their universities. But these procedures and negotiations that take time, confides to us another engineering student, who underlined to be “ understandable “.

But since then, the Ministry of Higher Education has been silent on this issue. Moreover, a request for an interview made by MoroccoLatestNews UK with Minister Miraoui on this subject has still not found an answer, probably lacking news and answers on this file.

On the side of Moroccan students in Ukraine, “it’s total blursays a 4th year dentistry student in Ukraine.

There is nothing new regarding our file. Today, Ukrainian students are no longer even interested in integration into Moroccan faculties, the procedure of which has taken too long, in addition to the refusal expressed by Moroccan students regarding this integration. We are at least looking forward to the resumption of distance learning“, indicates our interlocutor.

Indeed, what comforts its students today is the resumption of distance learning. After the interruption of classes following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Ministry of Education declared schools and universities on vacation.

In mid-March, and after the situation calmed down in Ukraine, the same ministry announced the resumption of distance learning for the benefit of all students. The professors even showed a certain flexibility in relation to foreign students precisely because of the time difference.

The statement from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine announcing the resumption of distance learning even stressed that the university program must be completed and the courses must continue to be given despite the war.

For medical students in Ukraine, Ukrainian universities have called on private hospitals and clinics in Morocco to open their doors to students to carry out their internships in the field.

The University of Poltova would like to inform about the following issue and request a possible favor from certain parties. Due to the current situation in Ukraine, all international students at our university are studying online, which is a compromise between the need to complete the semester and maintaining a high quality education.“, advances the University in a note, dated March 23, and of whichMoroccoLatestNews UKholds copy.

As a result, “we kindly ask you to request a favor from the hospitals and other health care organizations in the countries in which our international students are currently staying. This proposal includes the possibility of working, volunteering, observing and acquiring knowledge about certain medical procedures, which are part of their additional practical training.asks the University of Poltova.

For the moment, no response has been given by the Moroccan party on this subject.

To be continued…




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