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Moroccan protests continue

Whether associations, rights activists or ordinary citizens, protests continue to soar denouncing the recent verdict of “two years” in prison pronounced against the defendants in the case of the rape of a 12-year-old minor in Tiflet.

The three men accused of raping a 12-year-old child in a Douar near Tiflet received only two years in prison despite the seriousness of their acts, thus arousing the anger and the thunder of protests from Moroccan society.

In this sense, the NGO “Touch not my child” (TPAME) wanted to express its deep dismay at the announcement of the verdict rendered by the Court of Appeal of Rabat, in the despicable case of the collective rape, which occurred in 2020, and which resulted in a pregnancy (at very high risk for the victim).

The prison sentences imposed, ranging from one and a half to two years for the defendants, were considered by TPAME and by all Moroccan parents as ” an attack on the fundamental rights of the child, on his dignity and also on the integrity of the girl victim and her family, as well as a possible encouragement to the perpetration of other pedophile crimes against children, who deserve a future better more serene ».

Najat Anwar, president of the Moroccan organization underlines in this respect that the NGO remains convinced that justice is always ” the guarantor of the safety of all our children” and remains the best shield » against all physical or psychological harm that threatens them, noting that she is also dismayed by the unexplained use of mitigations or reductions of sentences to this kind of predators who abuse minors.

“In addition, our NGO appreciates and applauds the positive reaction of the Minister of Justice who expressed his disappointment with this verdict. She would very much like the Court of Appeal to revise this sentence in favor of the little victim and firmly sanction this despicable act and any other act of pedophilia.she concluded.

Indeed, Justice Minister Abdellatif Ouahbi said he was shocked by the verdict and promised severe punishment for crimes of rape of minors in the new penal code.

He was reassuring about the future of this case, since the trial is still ongoing and the prosecution has appealed the verdict in order to protect the rights of the victim and ensure that the law is served in due form. The ministry had also appointed two social workers to accompany the victim.

The tragedy of this little girl’s rape was a real thunderclap, hence the need to question all the efforts made in this direction, as leaders, as actors and as civil society. “, did he declare.

Ouahbi notably indicated that his department is relentlessly determined to toughen the penalties provided for in the new draft Penal Code, with the aim of protecting children against rape, drug use and other violence and abuse to which they could be subjected. submitted.

In the same opinion, concerned citizens launched a petition on Saturday, under the slogan “Let’s stop crimes against women and children” in order to denounce the judgment. The number of signatures collected is already over 3,300 with the objective of reaching 5,000 signatories.

“We Moroccan citizens, outraged by the despicable judgment which sentences to only two years in prison criminals who raped one of our children who became a mother at the age of twelve after this abominable abuse, demand that the trial be reopened, the conviction of the rapists revised »say the petitioners.

These activists demand in particular full and complete justice for these two children, the little girl and her baby, victims of a misogyny that overwhelms mothers, disempowers men from their paternity, absolves rapists and accommodates violence against children. and women in general.

In conclusion, these require the establishment of a ” observatory or any independent and active mechanism with a mandate to point out all the shortcomings of justice in the verdicts concerning violence against women and children”.



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