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Moroccan products labeled Halal promoted by ASMEX

The Halal business has grown at a rapid pace over the past decade. It is no longer limited to meat or food in general, which has made it possible to divert the attention of economic and institutional operators around the world to this sector.

In this sense, the Canada-Arab Business Council, with the effective contribution of ASMEX, virtually organized the Canada-Arab Business Forum. A forum that saw the participation of the Premiers of Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan, as well as economic and institutional operators from this country and the Arab world in addition to members of the diplomatic corps.

In the current post-Covid context, the panelists who participated in the Forum focused on themes relating to the resumption of economic activity, which must more than ever be diversified to face future challenges. Emphasis was then placed on enhancing business and investment opportunities, the Association of Moroccan Exporters (ASMEX) said in a statement.

Thus, the multiple opportunities represented by the Business of Halal and organic products ” Made in Morocco “And their potential impact on the international market was underlined by the Chairman of the Group” Halal and Bio Export »Within the Association, Adnane Gueddari, quoted in the ASMEX press release who claims to have, for several years, placed these two niches at the heart of its strategy and devoted several actions to raise awareness and support exporters. .

At ASMEX level, we place the development of the Halal and organic business among our strategic orientations. We have dedicated to it, within our institution, a Halal and Bio Export Club (…). We have also created a Morocco – Canada Club and this is likely to consolidate the momentum already undertaken in terms of trade and development of business opportunities with Canada and to reflect together on targeted actions for the promotion of Moroccan products. Halal and Organic labeled on the Canadian market », Added El Gueddari.

The Halal and Organic sectors certainly constitute a niche, but ASMEX believes that these are constantly developing sectors which present important opportunities to be seized on the world market. It thus recalls that the introduction of organic products also makes it possible to meet the sustainable development objectives set by the international community for 2030.

Halal, a juicy business

We must not overlook the fact that, if the Halal industry aims to reach more particularly a Muslim population which represents 1/3 of the world population (600 billion dollars per year, or 16% of the world agri-food industry) , the organic business, affects different social classes of different faiths.

ASMEX, which has already communicated on the opportunities of the Halal business on several occasions, assures that the sector has developed at high speed during the last decade noting that Halal is no longer limited to meat or food in general.

She explains that the export strategies of several countries, particularly Western countries, have led to ” Halalization »From several sectors such as clothing, cosmetics, finance, tourism, sometimes including logistics.

At the same time, organic farming has continued to develop steadily as a booming emerging sector that is attracting more and more consumers and investors, she points out.

A promising market

Regarding Morocco, which represents a promising Halal market, ASMEX indicates that the majority of organic agricultural products in the Kingdom are intended for export (mainly Europe). Not only ! Export volumes have experienced a remarkable evolution in recent years, she says.

They are mainly represented by fruits, fresh vegetables (Primeurs and Citrus fruits) and processed products, in particular, frozen orange juice, food and cosmetic argan oil, canned green beans, products from aromatic and medicinal plants, frozen strawberries and capers in brine.

According to ASMEX, which brings together export professionals in Morocco, the sustained increase in demand due in part to the change in consumption habits, at the international level, demonstrates the existence of a strong economic potential for producers. Moroccans in general and for exporters in particular.

At the end of her speech at the Canada-Arab World Business Forum, Adnane El Gueddari called on the Canadian business and investment communities to seize the promising opportunities offered by this sector and to initiate joint and targeted actions for the promotion of Moroccan products labeled Halal and Organic on the Canadian market.




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