Moroccan ports receive over 1.2 million passengers, 280,000 vehicles in less than 2 months

Moroccan ports receive over 1.2 million passengers, 280,000 vehicles in less than 2 months

More than 1.2 million passengers and 280,000 vehicles passed through Moroccan ports between June 5 and July 31 as part of the Marhaba 2023 operation, representing an increase of 21% for passengers and 14% for vehicles compared to the same period last year.

In a statement, the ministry said that the transit operation is proceeding “under good conditions” through various Moroccan ports, pointing out that during the days of July 29, 30 and 31, the Kingdom’s ports saw exceptional traffic during the entry phase, with 117,042 passengers and 29,078 cars registered.

“The services of the Ministry of Transport and Logistics are being mobilized to create all the technical and logistical conditions to ensure the success of this operation, through the mobilization of sufficient capacities for the transport of Moroccans living abroad and the diversification of maritime lines, while ensuring regular control of the quality of services provided on board ships and the monitoring of sea fares,” the same source added.

With regard to the return phase, which will begin in the next few days, and in order to ensure the smooth and safe transit of passengers through all Moroccan ports, the Ministry invites all travelers wishing to return to their country of residence to book their tickets in advance, with a confirmed date and time of travel, on all shipping lines, including Tanger Med – Algeciras and Tanger Ville – Tarifa.

“In the event that it is necessary to change the date of travel indicated on the ticket, those concerned should contact the company concerned remotely before arriving at the port, in order to avoid any possible congestion at the transit port,” the statement recommends.


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