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Moroccan passport ranked 80th in the world

Based on exclusive data collected from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the consulting firm Henley & Partners ranked the Moroccan passport 80th in the world in its index called “The Henley Passport Index 2023”.

According to the ranking of the London firm Henley & Partners published this week, a standard reference tool, the Moroccan passport is in the 80th position worldwide out of 199 passports for the year 2023, with a visa exemption score of 66, which mean that Moroccans have access to 30% of the other 226 destinations in the Henley Passport Index without the need for a prior visa, i.e. to 65 countries.

The Moroccan passport is positioned at the same level as those of Cuba and Ghana, behind Tunisia which occupies the 76th rank with 70 destinations, and in front of Mauritania appearing in the 85th rank with a total of 59 destinations, Senegal in 87th and Algeria in 90th place just like Egypt, Jordan and Niger with 53 travel destinations.

Internationally, the Japanese passport tops the list as Japanese citizens can now visit a total of 193 out of 227 destinations worldwide without a visa, while South Koreans and Singaporeans, whose countries are tied for second place in the index, had a score of 192 visa-free destinations.

Germany and Spain jointly hold 3rd place, with visa-free access to 190 destinations worldwide. The United Kingdom and the United States remain in 6th and 7th place, with scores of 187 and 186, respectively, and it seems increasingly unlikely that either country will ever regain the top spot. the index they jointly owned nearly a decade ago, in 2014, the index authors said.

According to the firm, global travel has reached about 75% of its pre-pandemic level. However, a closer analysis of the index reveals the dark side of this optimistic picture. Afghanistan remains firmly at the bottom of the index, with a score of just 27, or 166 fewer visa-free destinations than Japan, representing the largest global mobility gap in the country’s 18-year history. index.

Additionally, citizens of the lowest-ranked countries on the index, such as Afghanistan, Iraq with a visa-free score of 29, and Syria with a visa-free score of 30, are effectively excluded from a surprisingly wide range of opportunities for economic mobility and growth.

It should be noted that the Henley Passport Index, dating back approximately 20 years and which is conducted according to the number of destinations to which their holders can access without a prior visa, is the original and most reliable classification of all passports in the world in depending on the number of destinations to which their holders can access without a prior visa. The index includes 199 passports and 227 travel destinations, giving users the most comprehensive and reliable information about their access and mobility around the world.



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