Moroccan NGO launches free initiative to support minor rape survivors amid succession of recent tragedies

Moroccan NGO launches free initiative to support minor rape survivors amid succession of recent tragedies

Amidst a series of recent tragic incidents involving child rape and sexual harassment cases that have sent shockwaves through Moroccan society, an association is taking a proactive stance and is set to launch a pioneering initiative aimed at assisting children who have fallen victim to heinous acts of rape and sexual harassment.

The Medical Association for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Abuse has announced its plan to offer comprehensive support to child survivors of rape and sexual harassment. 

In a decisive move, the association has pledged to orchestrate a series of psychological support sessions, held by accomplished psychologists stationed at its treatment centers. 

The end goal is to facilitate the tragic journey of these kids and their families toward healing and recovery. 

Emphasizing the gravity of the situation in a statement o MoroccoLatestNews AR, the association underscores the imperative for all institutional authorities and civil society stakeholders to help by using their collective resources and capabilities. 

The association hopes to provide the vital support indispensable for children affected by crimes of sexual violence. 

The repercussions of this kind of trauma are profound, necessitating serious help and care, stated the association.

The association calls on governmental bodies, led by the Ministry of Health, urging them to embrace their responsibility in overseeing the well-being of child victims of rape and their affected families. 

Within the broader framework of this mission, the association emphatically advocates for a multifaceted approach to tackling these crimes. 

This involves fortifying protection mechanisms and proactively preventing any infringements upon the fundamental rights of children. 

A clear strategy, encompassing social and psychological dimensions, is seen as pivotal in reaching the best interests of the young survivors.

Abdelkarim El Manouzi, the accomplished General Secretary of the association, echoes the serious commitment of the organization. 

He highlights the association’s efforts in catering to a spectrum encompassing children, women, and immigrants. 

Even in the face of resource constraints, the association is dedicated to pursuing its goals and helping children that are victims of sexual violence.


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