Moroccan National Tourism Office strikes deal with Netflix to boost golf tourism

Moroccan National Tourism Office strikes deal with Netflix to boost golf tourism

The Moroccan National Tourism Office (ONMT) has sealed a deal with Netflix as part of its strategic collaboration with the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation.

The primary objective is to position Morocco as a premier golf tourism destination, emphasized in an official statement released by the public office.

This strategic alliance encompasses various initiatives, notably commencing with the integration of the Moroccan brand into the esteemed Netflix Cup held on November 14 and 15, 2023. Marking Netflix’s inaugural live sporting event, the tournament witnessed Formula 1 drivers teaming up with PGA tour golfers.

The event unfolded at “The Wynn Golf Club, Las Vegas,” where six teams comprised of sporting icons, paired as Driver F1/Golfer PGA duos, competed to determine the victorious duo. This event served as the precursor to the highly anticipated “F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix” kickoff.

Morocco claims the title of being the official destination for this significant event, earning prominent placement of the “Maroc” & “Visit Morocco” brand along the golf course, as highlighted by the ONMT.

Netflix’s extensive reach of over 247 million subscribers facilitated maximum exposure and communication for this collaboration.

ONMT has devised an annual communication strategy focused on Netflix’s new “Netflix Ad-Supported” offering. This plan aims to maintain continuous visibility for Morocco as a destination and its diverse array of brands.


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