Moroccan Mohamed Dahi winner of the Sheikh Zayed Book Prize

The Moroccan writer, Mohamed Dahi, has just won the Sheikh Zayed Book Prize in the “Arts and Critical Studies” category, the Sheikh Zayed Book Prize Foundation announced in a statement on Monday.

This prestigious prize, which celebrated its sixteenth birthday this year, was awarded to the Moroccan intellectual for his book “The narrator and the soul mate, from interpretation to simulation”, published in 2021 at the Center culturel du livre , publishing and distribution.

This book constitutes a classification of formats related to autobiographical narratives in general literary discourse, including diaries, letters, confessions, memoirs, self-imagination and self-narrative.

It is also characterized by fluidity of presentation, clarity of concepts, precision of analysis as well as modern references and reading of ancient and modern Arabic narrative works. The book also addresses the complex relationship between writing, existence and text.

Professor of Arabic language and literature at the Mohammed V University in Rabat, Mohamed Dahi has already won the Moroccan Book Prize for his work “The Semiotics of Narrative” and the Katara Prize for the Arabic Novel for his work “The power of articulation in contemporary Arab novelistic discourse”. The Moroccan writer has published 15 books and contributed to the production of 30 works in Arabic and French.

In the “Arts” category, the Sheikh Zayed Book Prize was awarded to the Emirati poet and novelist Maysoon Saqr for her book “Café Rich, oeil sur l’Egypte”, while the Syrian writer Maria Daâdoush won the prize in the category “Literature for children and adolescents”, for his story “The puzzle of the glass ball”.

The Tunisian Mohamed Al-Maztouri won the prize in the “Young author” category for his work “Bedouin in ancient Arab poetry”, while in the “Translation” category the prize went to the Egyptian Ahmed El- Adawi.

In the category “Arab culture in foreign languages”, the prize was awarded to the Iraqi-American Mohsen Jassem Al-Mousawi for his book “One thousand and one nights in the cultures of the contemporary world”, while the Library of Alexandria won the prize in the “Publishing and Cultural Techniques” branch.

The Sheikh Zayed Book Prize recognizes distinguished works by authors and thinkers in the fields of literature, arts and humanities in Arabic and other languages. It also pays tribute to the authors of books on Arab culture and civilization in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.



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