Moroccan lawyers protest and suspend hearings

Moroccan lawyers protest and suspend hearings

As a sign of solidarity with the Palestinian cause in the face of the recent Israeli aggression in Jenin and towards its inhabitants, lawyers from the bars of Casablanca and Rabat organized a demonstration on Tuesday and suspended their hearings for an hour.

Outside the Casablanca Court of First Instance, located in Mohammed V Square, black-robed people gathered holding slogans condemning the brutal Israeli aggression against Palestinians in Jenin.

Here is the voice of the defense…Palestine is not for sale”, “Here is the voice of the lawyer…Palestine runs through my veins”, “With our spirit and our blood…We will sacrifice ourselves for Al-Aqsa“. These are the slogans chanted by the lawyers of the metropolis.

Thus, the work of the hearings was suspended for one hour in the various jurisdictions of the metropolis in order to participate in this sit-in, on the instruction of Tahar Mouafik, president of the bar of Casablanca.

Houssine Birouaine, former president of the Order, affirmed that this action is motivated by a letter received from the Union of Arab Lawyers, of which the Casablanca Bar is one of the founding members, recalling that the Palestinian cause is the one of the priorities of the cases he defends.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsthe former President of the Casablanca Bar underlined that the lawyers confirm their attachment, in addition to their professional functions, to the defense of national causes, in particular the Moroccan Sahara file and the Palestinian question, which they consider as priorities.

In this sense, Birouaine called on all countries and institutions to act positively to put an end to the violations suffered by Palestine, stressing that this is an opportunity for the international community to react in this context.

For his part, Tahar Mouafik, president of the Casablanca bar, called on members of the Order to suspend their work on Tuesday, condemning the ” savage and brutal attacks inflicted on the brotherly Palestinian people by the fierce Zionist enemy in the city of Jenin and the refugee camp, which resulted in the deaths of dozens of innocent Palestinians and hundreds of them were seriously injured, as well as the occupation by Israeli forces of the homes of Palestinians, the eviction of their inhabitants and the looting of their property by force, systematically targeting children, the elderly, injured women, as well as medical institutions“.

The President stressed that this initiative, launched following the call of the General Secretariat of the Union of Arab Lawyers, aims to ” send a clear message to the international community, silent in the face of these savage crimes committed by the deviant Israeli entity against all components of the Palestinian people“.

In the administrative capital of the kingdom, lawyers from the Rabat Bar also suspended their work this Tuesday morning in all courts for an hour and organized a symbolic rally inside the Palace of Justice to condemn the Israeli attack on the city ​​of Jenin and the refugee camp.

Thus, the lawyers of Rabat condemned ” Israel’s ferocious aggression and brutal attack against the resistant Palestinian people”which killed dozens of Palestinians and seriously injured hundreds.

For his part, Maître Omar Bendjelloun, member of the Rabat Bar Association, indicated that the sit-in on Tuesday expresses a ” categorical rejection of all the unsuccessful tactics that led to this adventure of normalization from which our country has gained nothing“.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNews, Me Bendjelloun stressed that ” this solidarity with the Palestinian people has been rooted in history since the establishment of the legal profession in Morocco”.

Today, we recall that the bars of this country carry the flame of principles, far from the temporary tactics that have drawn our territorial cause into this illegitimate adventure.e,” he added, pointing out that defense institutions “ remain attached to the principles and the social contract of Moroccan citizens, far from all the calculations that the government or any other institution may have“.

Thus, the General Secretariat of the Arab Lawyers Union called on the international community and the Security Council to ” take a strict decision to deter the Israeli entity from international legitimacy for its brutal crimes against the Palestinian people, which are considered crimes against humanity“.

In a final statement following the gathering of black robes inside the Rabat Courthouse, the Union of Arab Lawyers recorded ” its dissatisfaction with international positions that are limited to statements of condemnation and indignation, while the international community and the United Nations Security Council have all the powers to deter the Israeli occupation from committing crimes against the Palestinian people“.

The Union also denounced the suspicious silence of the international community with regard to these savage massacres committed by the Zionist enemy against the Palestinian people“, claiming that she ” will not stand idly by in the face of these vile crimes committed by the Israeli forces against the innocent Palestinian people“.


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