Moroccan lawyers hold protest in support of Gaza Strip

Moroccan lawyers hold protest in support of Gaza Strip

Moroccan lawyers condemned on Tuesday the Israeli aggression and attacks against civilians in the Gaza Strip in the State of Palestine.

The group criticized the use of prohibited weapons, such as white phosphorus and tons of bombs. They vehemently denounced these actions as a blatant violation of international conventions and norms, including international humanitarian law and international rights law.

The Moroccan lawyer described the crimes committed by the Zionist entity against civilians in the Gaza Strip as causing horrific massacres.

In response to the call from the Moroccan Bar Association, the lawyers took part in a one-hour boycott of court sessions to protest against the crimes committed by Israel against humanity.

However, the Moroccan Bar Association in Casablanca declined to respond to this call for standing in solidarity with Palestinians due to its disagreement with the association.

Some lawyers expressed to MoroccoLatestNews their disappointment at the largest Bar Association in Morocco not participating in this show of solidarity, underscoring the importance of setting aside any disagreements or disputes during this stage of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The Moroccan Bar Association denounced the crimes and fierce war on Gaza and all Palestinian territories, holding the Zionist entity “legally and criminally responsible for the war crimes it committed.”

They warned that these horrific crimes will not go unpunished and will be subject to accountability before international criminal courts.

The Association implored “The international community, human rights organizations, and all relevant institutions to assume their historical responsibility, and take urgent international action to protect the vulnerable Palestinian people, and to immediately put an end to this war and aggression.”

They also called for continuing to support and stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people as well as seeking to form international pressure to halt this brutal aggression.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that Moroccan lawyers have boycotted court sessions to protest against the brutality committed by the Israeli army against Palestinian civilians.

Last July, Moroccan lawyers in Casablanca and Rabat held a protest in support of the Palestinian cause, denouncing the Israeli aggression in Jenin.

They suspended their work in all courts for an hour and called for international action against the Zionist entity of human rights and international legitimacy.

The show of solidarity came as a response to the call made by the General Secretariat of the Arab Lawyers Unions to express their concerns about the silence of the international community and implored for a strong international response to Israeli violations of international legitimacy and human rights against Palestinian people.


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