Moroccan kiwifruit imports hit record high in Q1-23

Moroccan kiwifruit imports hit record high in Q1-23

Kiwis, rich in vitamins and unique with their exotic flavor, have quickly gained popularity among Moroccans. For this, Morocco continues to increase its imports of this sweet fruit, reaching 4,800 tons in the 1st quarter of 2023 alone.

Admittedly, Morocco is known for its rich agricultural sector and local farmers are engaged in the production of many fruits and vegetables, including kiwis, despite the succession of drought episodes. Thanks to their climatic adaptability, kiwis are successfully grown and even exported.

However, these exports are rather low, amounting to only 196 tonnes in 2022 and 43 tonnes in the first quarter of 2023, reveals the portal specializing in agriculture East Fruit. Such volumes do not represent much compared to imports of kiwifruit, which are increasing year after year.

According to East Fruit, Morocco only imported 4,500 tons of kiwis five years ago. However, in 2022, their volumes multiplied to reach 10,400 tons and thus exceeded 9 million dollars in value this year.

In 2023, kiwifruit imports continued to grow in Morocco. In the first quarter of 2023, they reached 4,800 tonnes. In addition, the seasonality of imports must be taken into account here, as they generally peak between the months of February and April. Nevertheless, imports between January and March 2023 were at their highest level in at least seven years.

As for the supplier countries, Morocco imports kiwis from Italy, Greece, Portugal, France, Spain, Chile and even New Zealand, which is the world’s leading exporter, specifies the specialized portal.

In 2017, Greece was the main supplier of kiwifruit to Morocco, and five years later it was joined by Italy. Given the 57% share in Morocco’s total kiwifruit imports in January-March, Italy is likely to maintain its lead over all exporters in 2023.


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