Moroccan government boosts women’s representation in public service

Moroccan government boosts women’s representation in public service

The Ministry of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform in Morocco unveiled progress made in enhancing women’s participation in the public service across various institutions and departments until the close of 2022.

Under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister’s office, the Ministry of Administrative Reform affirmed, in a written response to inquiries from the House of Representatives, the successful implementation of strategies aimed at institutionalizing gender equality within the public workforce.

Women now constitute 41.22 percent of the nation’s total human resources, and the training rate for women stands at an impressive 85.44 percent.

Minister Ghita Mezzour noted a remarkable positive shift in the feminization of leadership positions. This rate increased from 16.21 percent in 2012 to 28.17 percent in 2022.

The trend toward greater gender diversity also extended to senior positions, with the rate of women in Morocco’s senior roles rising from 10.38 percent in 2012 to 19.86 percent as of May 11, 2023.

She emphasized the Ministry’s commitment to promoting gender equality in public service, highlighting initiatives dating back to October 2010.

These initiatives included the establishment of an inter-ministerial consultation network comprised of representatives from various departments. This network was tasked with planning, coordinating, supporting, monitoring, and evaluating efforts related to gender equality in public administration, especially concerning human resources management.

Collaborating with UN Women, the Ministry developed a strategy for institutionalizing the gender approach in the public service, leading to the creation of an action plan implemented by the inter-ministerial consultation network.

The overarching goal of this strategy is to foster a public sector that ensures equal rights and opportunities for male and female employees in accessing positions and advancing in their professional lives while respecting the privacy of both genders.


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