Moroccan embassy investigates nationals’ death in Gaza bombing amid repatriation demands

Moroccan embassy investigates nationals’ death in Gaza bombing amid repatriation demands

In a recent development of the pending case of Moroccans stranded in Gaza, MoroccoLatestNews learned from an official source at the Moroccan embassy in Ramallah that the Kingdom launched an investigation into reported deaths of Moroccan nationals.

The alleged dead Moroccans were working for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), and reportedly are killed in an Israeli bombing of the UNRWA school.

The embassy, however, stressed that the news has not been verified, and launched an investigation by engaging with relevant authorities.

Various Arab media outlets have reported that Al-Fakhoura School in Gaza, linked to UNRWA, was targeted by an Israeli bombing last Saturday, resulting in some deaths.

Unconfirmed sources on the other hand have suggested that among the casualties, five Moroccans were killed by Israeli bombings.

The ongoing attack on Gaza has left Moroccans stranded, desperately seeking repatriation. 

On November 13, a significant batch of evacuations saw 112 Moroccans crossing into Egypt via the Rafah crossing. Despite this, 614 others are still awaiting evacuation, facing challenges regarding their safe return home.

One of the embassy’s hurdles in the evacuation process is the presence of spouses with non-Moroccan nationalities. The embassy has emphasized its priority to evacuate Moroccan citizens during these challenging times.

To address the needs of those awaiting repatriation, the embassy started compiling a list last month. 

While no deaths among Moroccans in Gaza have been officially reported, a Moroccan man originally from Sale has sustained severe injuries and is currently receiving medical care at a local hospital.

Amidst the chaos, Moroccans in Gaza are directing blame towards the embassy, holding it responsible for various mishaps. Criticisms include the absence of the Moroccan representative at the crossing after the initial day, with some expressing frustration at the perceived lack of support compared to other countries.

As the investigation unfolds and evacuation efforts continue, the Moroccan community in Gaza remains in a state of uncertainty, constantly voicing their concerns, calling for the king’s help, and seeking reassurance from the embassy.


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