Moroccan embassy in Ramallah coordinates repatriation efforts for Gaza-stranded Moroccans

Moroccan embassy in Ramallah coordinates repatriation efforts for Gaza-stranded Moroccans

Morocco’s embassy in Ramallah has complied a list of Moroccans stranded in the Gaza Strip who wish to be repatriated. The list has been sent to the relevant authorities.

The Moroccan embassy is currently awaiting responses from these authorities to facilitate the deportation of the concerned individuals. The Rafah crossing, typically used for deportation operations, is currently closed.

The embassy in Ramallah has not reported any deaths among Moroccans in Gaza up to this point, but reported that a Moroccan man originally from Salé has sustained severe injuries and is currently receiving the necessary medical care at a hospital.

The embassy said it was working tirelessly to communicate with the Gaza Strip and are fully committed to repatriating the Moroccans stranded in Palestine as soon as they receive the necessary approvals from the concerned authorities.

Moroccans stranded in Gaza previously appealed to authorities to facilitate their repatriation to the Kingdom, as the Israel’s war against Gaza wages on.

“We appeal to King Mohammed VI… There is no one to turn to after God except our king to save us and return us to Morocco, so all we ask for is safety and security,” one of the Moroccans pleaded in an interview with MoroccoLatestNews.

Sources had previously told MoroccoLatestNews that the Moroccan government is unlikely to carry out repatriations of its citizens in Israel amid the ongoing war, primarily due to the relatively small number of Moroccans exclusively holding Moroccan passports residing in Israel, “which does not exceed a few dozen.”

However, no mention has been made for Moroccans living in Palestinian territories, including the Gaza Strip.


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