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Moroccan-Dutch rapper Ali B accused of sexual assault

Ali B is in turmoil. Amid accusations of sexual assault on the Dutch version of The Voice, the Moroccan-born rapper, who is a coach on the show, is among those singled out for inappropriate behavior.

More explosive allegations of unprofessional and potentially criminal behavior behind the scenes of The Voice of Holland TV show came to light in the BOOS episode released on Thursday.

Dozens of women involved with the show over the years have come forward to discuss their allegations of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape.

Rumors about the show’s investigation have already prompted broadcaster RTL to suspend the broadcast of The Voice, force the show’s group leader to resign, as well as one of the accused, Ali B.

Ali B, who has been the show’s coach since 2016, has been accused of rape and touching young women. Several women shared how the rapper promised to help them succeed in their music careers, planning to meet them late at night or outside the TV studio.

Two charges were brought against Ali B, including one for rape. Ali B denies the allegations. He also defended himself on the social network Twitter, in a long post where he claims his innocence. He called the claims ” slanderous. He also said he was facing a “trial by the media”.

“There are now two anonymous reports that are presented with great fury as news. It is unjustified”, did he declare. “I cannot publicly defend myself against this. Nevertheless, it is clear to me that the prosecution will in both cases have to decide whether to dismiss [les allégations] », wrote the rapper on Instagram. ” I am not guilty of what I am accused of in the claims. »

He claims he had consensual sex with a former contestant. However, the alleged victim does not seem to agree with the version of the Moroccan-Dutch artist and claimed that she intended to file a rape complaint against one the report, during her testimony anonymously on BOOS.

“I will file a complaint against Ali B”, said the complainant. When presenter Tim Hofman asked her what she was reporting, she replied: “Rape”.

Another woman filed a complaint against him, accusing him of sexual assault, while others testified anonymously that he took young women to his home before kissing and touching them. When they protested, he laughed or got angry.




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