Moroccan delegation engages in Arab digital regulation talks in Amman

Moroccan delegation engages in Arab digital regulation talks in Amman

Representatives from Morocco’s Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication participated in a meeting held in Amman, Jordan on Tuesday, which focused on negotiations with major global digital corporations, aiming to foster a unified Arab approach.

Among the delegation members were Wadii Taouil, an advisory figure within the Ministry, and Moustapha Amdjar, who serves as the Director of Communication and Public Relations for the ministry.

This gathering stood out due to the presence of Jordan’s Minister of Government Communications and an Assistant Secretary-General from the League of Arab States.

Central to the discussions within the delegation were the various aspects of organizing interactions with prominent media conglomerates. 

The goal was to establish a coherent Arab perspective grounded in the executive procedures outlined in the unified Arab strategy. 

This strategy, which received approval during the Council of Information Ministers held in Rabat last June, laid the foundation for the approach.

At the forefront of the delegation’s agenda was the intention to cultivate a cohesive partnership with major players in the global digital landscape. 

This collaboration was to be built upon robust regulations and mechanisms, encompassing considerations like tax revenues. 

Additionally, a key focus was on safeguarding Arab media content against the dissemination of false information and narratives promoting racism, extremism, hatred, and religious hostility. 

The discourse also extended to matters concerning the advertising market.

Chaired by Jordan, the delegation consisted of representatives from the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, and Morocco. 

The Arab Broadcasting Union was also a part of this collective effort, striving to shape a fortified Arab framework for engagement with the digital industry on an international scale.


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