Moroccan creatives continue to prioritize quake relief as normal life resumes

Moroccan creatives continue to prioritize quake relief as normal life resumes

Moroccans collectively participated in the three-day national mourning period following the devastating Al Haouz earthquake.

Accordingly, ceremonial gatherings and cultural events organizers postponed or canceled their events to express empathy for the earthquake victims.

L’Fadae, a collective that hosts a variety of cultural, eco-centered events in Casablanca stated that their DIY workshops and discussions on urban agriculture would be rescheduled.

L’Fadae organizing team explained their cancelation of the anticipated event to MoroccoLatestNews.

“The decision was made without much deliberation; it just felt right to call off the event because continuing it would have been improper.”

Instead, the event’s planners immediately began considering how to assist the residents of the most impacted area.

Their concern for their loved ones and faraway Moroccans seemed to outweigh their distress over the cancellation of the event.

The magnitude of the earthquake served as a further reminder of the value of cooperation, compassion, and the futility of material wealth during disasters.

“More than anything else, it was about compassion and empathy. The response we believed was needed is collective compassion,” said L’Fadae’s organizational staff.

Thus, Morocco embarked on a protracted time of mourning and healing to assist the harmed, treat the injured, and save those who remained of the most afflicted regions. All available resources were gathered to aid those in need.

Each contributed to the nationwide effort of unity and aid in their own manner, employing various means and areas of expertise.

L’Fadae in Casablanca launched “an open call for donations, and transformed the event hall to a soft logistical deposit,” to stock goods and be in charge of transferring them to the most affected areas.

Boiler Room’s first performance space in Marrakesh since 2019 was “postponed until further notice.”

Boiler Room issued a unique edition of T-shirts with a customized Marrakesh emblem to “support the communities and families affected by the devastating earthquake.”

“Profits will go to Human Appeal’s Emergency Fund for Morocco, which will provide vital aid to save lives on the ground.”

“More important things were the priority,” said O.T. Sygma to MoroccoLatestNews, an anticipated performer at the Boiler Room Marrakesh gig.

Such cultural and artistic events frequently serve as the primary activity and source of income for several people, groups, and collectives. These occasions are typically postponed in times of sorrow as a sign of respect for the memory of the deceased, as well as to demonstrate humanity, solidarity, and a nation’s unity.

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