Moroccan clubs made nearly $9.4 million in transfers

Moroccan clubs made nearly .4 million in transfers

In 2022, Moroccan clubs made profits on the outbound transfer market abroad (sales of players), reaching $8.6 million, making them the most profitable Arab clubs in this area, according to a FIFA report.

Thus, Moroccan clubs generated approximately $9.4 million from outbound player transfers, placing them behind Egypt in terms of revenue and overtaking Saudi clubs which earned only $7.3 million. In contrast, Moroccan clubs only spent $800,000 on inbound transfers (bought players), making a profit of $8.6 million.

The same FIFA data reveals that Egyptian, Moroccan and Saudi clubs had the highest revenues among Arab clubs in terms of outbound player transfers, with sales totaling $28 million, accounting for 77.8% of the total. total revenue obtained by Arab clubs from the sale of their players abroad in 2022.

Thus, Egyptian clubs generated revenues of $11.2 million, or around 32% of all Arab club revenues from the sale of players abroad. They also spent around $4.9 million on player recruitment, making a profit of $6.3 million and ranking second in earnings in the Arab overseas transfer market in 2022.

According to the data, spending by Arab clubs last year on recruiting players from foreign clubs was around $98.3 million, compared to player contract sales totaling $36 million.

Saudi, Emirati and Qatari clubs accounted for the largest share of spending, reaching $90.6 million on player purchases, or 92.2% of the total spent by all Arab clubs on transfers to Israel. abroad in 2022.

Saudi clubs spent around $50.4 million on acquiring foreign players, accounting for 51.3% of Arab clubs’ total spending on acquiring new player contracts. Emirati clubs ranked second with spending of around $22.4 million, followed by Qatari clubs which bought foreign player contracts for around $17.8 million.


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