Moroccan Cinematography Center announces “Green March” film competition

Moroccan Cinematography Center announces “Green March” film competition

The Moroccan Cinematographic Center (CCM) has announced the launch of the third edition of a prestigious short film competition in honor of the 48th anniversary of the Green March. 

In collaboration with the Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication, this competition invites young and aspiring Moroccan filmmakers under the age of 35 to participate in an exciting cinematic challenge. 

The theme for this year’s competition is “The Green March, seen by the young creators of the image.”

The primary goal of this competition is to encourage young talent in the realm of filmmaking, offering them a platform to express their creativity and storytelling abilities. 

Participants are tasked with making short films that delve into the historical significance of the Green March, a momentous event that left a significant mark on the history of Morocco.

Registration for the competition officially began on September 8, 2023, and aspiring filmmakers have until October 20, 2023, to submit their productions to the Moroccan Cinematographic Center. 

This competition serves as a tribute to the remarkable Green March, a massive gathering of approximately 350,000 unarmed Moroccans in November 1975, who converged on Tarfaya in southern Morocco, anticipating the signal of King Hassan II to enter the region of Saguia El Hamra. 

The Green March, spanning four days, concluded on November 9.

One notable Moroccan production that paid homage to the Green March was the film “Al Massira,” directed by Younes Britel and released in 2016. 

The film stars a stellar cast, including Moroccan stars like Mouad Zaoui, Driss Roukh, Aziz Dadas, Said Bay, Mohammed Khouyi, and Mohammed Choubi. 

Additionally, in 2002, a Spanish production took inspiration from this historical event, creating a comedy feature film titled “La Marcha Verde” (The Green March).

This competition not only honors the legacy of the Green March but also serves as a platform for emerging filmmakers to showcase their talent and contribute to the landscape of Moroccan cinema. 

It’s an opportunity to celebrate history through the lens of young creators who only heard about The Green March, utilizing various cinematic techniques, including archive footage, fiction, and animation, to tell the story from a fresh perspective.


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