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Moroccan Badr Siwane in 25th place

Renowned Moroccan athlete, Badr Siwane, proudly represented Africa at the World e-Sport Triathlon Championship, held recently in London. Despite fierce competition from the best triathletes in the world, Siwane finished brilliantly in 25th place, demonstrating his talent and determination.

I am extremely proud to represent my country and my continent at this global competition. It was a big challenge, but I’m glad I got to show what I’m capable of. said Siwane enthusiastically.

It is not only a remarkable performance, but also an inspiring account of Siwane’s perseverance in her pursuit of excellence. Indeed, he had to overcome many obstacles, including an injury that took him away from the sport for six months, before coming back stronger than ever to reach the world level of triathlon.

Obstacles may stand in our way, but with determination and hard work, we can overcome them. My passion for triathlon pushed me to get up after my injury and pursue my dreams added Siwane, inspiring other athletes and triathlon fans.

This exceptional performance only prepares Badr Siwane for the next challenges of his season, including the prestigious World Aquathlon Championships in Ibiza, scheduled for May 1. Siwane is determined to continue to push his limits and proudly represent Africa on the international triathlon stage.



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