Moroccan avocado exports reach all-time high in Germany

Moroccan avocado exports reach all-time high in Germany

Morocco’s avocado exports to Germany have surged fourfold since 2016/17, hitting an impressive 5,000 tonnes valued at $17 million. 

Over the course of six years leading up to July 2022 to May 2023, Morocco accomplished a substantial export of 45,000 tonnes, amounting to approximately $139 million.

While Spain, France, and the Netherlands remain primary importers of Moroccan avocados, Germany’s growing interest is gaining momentum. 

Notably, even as Mexico, a major global avocado exporter, saw its shipments to Germany dwindle to zero in 2022/23, Morocco’s exports to the country surged.

Morocco’s share in Germany’s avocado imports reached 4.7%, with this figure surging beyond 10% from November to February in the 2022/23 period. 

This growth strengthens Morocco’s emergence as an important player in meeting the global demand for avocados.


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