Moroccan artist pushes creative boundaries, releasing fully AI-generated music video

Moroccan artist pushes creative boundaries, releasing fully AI-generated music video

From the vibrant city of Khouribga, musical talent Mehdayev Brayen unveiled his much-anticipated single accompanied by an entirely AI-generated music video, titled “Hejjayti VII”.

This release stands as a testament to Moroccan artists’ creativity.

With an infectious rhythm, enchanting melodies, and poignant lyrics, the rap song “Hejjayti VII” takes its listeners on an unforgettable auditory voyage. 

Known also by his birth name El Mehdi Ettalabi, the artist showcases a remarkable blend of human creativity and technological advancement in his latest masterpiece. 

The “HEJJAYTI VII” music video pushes beyond the limits of traditional artistic expression through the integration of cutting-edge AI technology.

Within the music video’s frames, viewers are captivated by the narrative. The main character finds himself drowning in the clutches of isolation, surrounded by ever-shifting landscapes that seamlessly switch between the authentically Moroccan and the cosmic expanse of spacecraft. 

This juxtaposition creates an ethereal ambiance that effortlessly resonates with aficionados of both contemporary and classic aesthetics.

As the music video unfolds, a lonely astronaut symbolically embarks on a quest for the unknown. 

The lyrics mirror the weight of this exploration, showing the AI-animated character’s journey through different civilizations and eras. 

So far, Moroccan artists are still reluctant when it comes to using AI technologies in generating music videos, sticking to traditional shooting and high-budget music videos with a proper cast, director, producer, and professional teams.

However, as AI is becoming part of our daily lives, seeing Moroccan-made AI-generated music videos isn’t too ar fetched of a reality.


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