Moroccan artist Boujemâa Oujoud in critical condition, needs blood

Moroccan artist Boujemâa Oujoud in critical condition, needs blood

Known for his good humor, the Moroccan artist Boujemâa Oujoud, suffered an acute health crisis. Following the deterioration, he was transferred to a hospital in Casablanca.

MoroccoLatestNews has learned that Moroccan artist Boujemâa Oujoud known as “Azizi”, is currently experiencing a serious health crisis and is in urgent need of blood donations. Following his deplorable condition, the Moroccan actor was transferred to a hospital in Casablanca to receive the necessary treatment.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNews, Nawal Oujoud, the daughter of actor “Azizi”, revealed that her father’s health condition has deteriorated considerably, due to his suffering from acute anemia.

She added that her father needs blood donors, especially since his blood type is rare and not available at the blood transfusion center, calling on all Moroccans and “Azizi” fans to rush to donate to him in order to save his life.

Nawal pointed out that her father’s blood type is “A-“, and those wishing to donate to him should go directly to Harrouchi University Hospital in Casablanca and donate under the name “Boujemaa Oujoud”.

It should be noted that “Azizi” was born in Casablanca in 1940. It was in 1952 that he took his first steps in acting. Very quickly noticed by a director, he was asked to do theatre. Above all, he conquered hearts through his appearances on the radio with the big names in the area, thanks in particular to the program “Rafih Aan Nafsik”. He discovered with great wonder that he was going to have the privilege of performing with the rest of the troupe in front of the late His Majesty Mohammed V.

The Moroccan public surely recognizes it thanks to the tonality which it took for its interpretations. Pleasant and with a very fine sense of humour, Boujemaa Oujoud is one of those who have permeated Moroccan theatre.

The state of health of the Moroccan actor has deteriorated lately due to his illness and his advanced age, something that worries his fans.


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