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Moroccan actor Hammadi Ammor dies

Moroccan actor Hammadi Ammor died on the night of Friday to Saturday at the age of 90, we learned from those around him.

The late artist died after a long illness, the president of the union of the Moroccan Dramatic Arts Union, Abdelkebir Rgagna, told MAP.

An emblematic figure who left his mark on Moroccan television production, the late Hammadi Ammor had to his credit a rich repertoire of interpretations thanks to his multiple performances in cinema, theater and radio.

A native of Fez in 1930, he was known for his talents as a lyricist, his texts having been interpreted by many Moroccan artists, including Maati Belkacem and Mohammed El Idrissi.

His first appearances on the artistic scene began in amateur theater in 1948, before his creation in 1951 in Casablanca of the troupe “Al Manar”.

The late one had also played in several cinematographic works which have become cult like “Kaïd Ensa” in 1999 (Tricks of the women) or “Al Mohima” (The mission) in 2002.

He had also hosted for more than 10 years the program “Alam Al Founoun” (The world of the arts).




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