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More than 660,000 passengers from February 7 to 28 at airports

The Kingdom’s airports welcomed 660,045 passengers through 5,714 air flights (international arrivals and departures) during the period from February 7 to 28, 2022, according to the National Airports Office (ONDA).

These flights have made it possible to achieve a recovery rate compared to the same period of 2019, of 55% for passengers and 65% for movements, specifies ONDA in a press release on the activity report of the February 7 to 28.

Casablanca-Mohammed V airport, the first airport platform in the Kingdom, recorded, during this period, 50% of the volume of global air traffic, by hosting 2,724 international flights (arrival and departure) carrying 328,627 passengers, i.e. a recovery rate per compared to the same period of 2019, 72% for passengers and 74% for airport movements, the same source said.

Europe accounts for 64% of international air traffic, followed by the Middle East and African markets with 13% each, and North America with 6%.

As a reminder, air traffic has resumed since February 7 and to meet the new health conditions decreed by the Moroccan authorities, ONDA has set up at Casablanca-Mohammed V airport, as in the other airports in Morocco, a important device for the implementation of these new conditions of access to the national territory allowing the reception of passengers in the best conditions of health, safety and quality of service.

Thus, two tents with a total area of ​​1,500 m² have been installed and equipped to allow health personnel to carry out antigenic tests and PCR tests in the best conditions.

Today, since screening tests are no longer systematic for all passengers, the formalities for rapid antigen screening, which has become random since the end of last week, are carried out inside the terminal.

Resource building:

The ONDA also reports a reinforcement of the airport operating teams by orientation agents, whose mission is to assist, guide, inform and help passengers. These teams are also sensitized and trained in order to be able to provide special assistance to people with specific needs.

Staff numbers have also been increased in passport control areas and check-in counters to optimize passenger flow management and reduce waiting times.

These measures have reduced the passenger processing time from disembarking to leaving the airport by 25%.

Welcome and information:

ONDA takes care to guarantee a quality welcome by adapting it to the diversity of its customers and their expectations. In this sense, the Office has set up information desks. This service is provided by a professional operator known and recognized in this field. Today, information and reception agents are constantly on hand to provide information and answer passengers’ questions.

Flight information is also available, in real time, via display screens and audio messages at departures and arrivals. It is also about the signage which has been adapted and simplified for a better orientation of the passengers and the display and sound announcements with the dissemination of awareness messages on the respect of the instructions of physical distance and barrier gestures, by the through sound announcements, display screens and information panels.

ONDA also provides, through its website “www.onda.ma”, all the practical information on the services available at the airports (shops, restaurants and flight schedules, etc.) and offers WIFI connection. Passengers can connect for free via all media (Smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.).

The Office has also set up a customer relations centre. Operational 24 hours a day, it provides all the practical information relating to this airport and collects passenger complaints.

Services and commodities: ONDA constantly ensures that all businesses (restaurants, cafes, newsstands, pharmacies, exchange counters, etc.) are open according to flight schedules and clearly display the prices for their products and services. The Office, anxious to offer passengers an excellent level of welcome, remains at the entire disposal of its customers for further information.




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