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More than 500,000 payment incidents declared in 2021

The Check Payment Incident Center recorded 501,031 payment incidents declared in 2021, up 6% compared to the previous year, and representing an amount of 14.6 billion dirhams (MMDH), according to Bank Al- Maghreb (BAM).

With regard to payment incident regularizations, their number fell by 23%, falling from 250,646 to 192,894 after more than doubling a year earlier, in connection with the tax amnesty operation relating to the discharge contribution of 2020 in respect of fines relating to check payment incidents, underlines BAM in its annual report on the economic, monetary and financial situation.

In the same direction, the amount of these adjustments fell, settling at 4.6 billion dirhams instead of 7 billion dirhams a year earlier, adds the same source. As regards unpaid bills on Normalized Exchange Letter (LCN), they recorded a decline of 11.9%, standing at 523,221, noted BAM, noting that adjustments reached 26,660 against 30,942, a decrease of 13.8%.

Regarding the central credit, it identified nearly 5.9 million active credit contracts, up 3.3%, said the report, stating that these contracts were allocated to 3.3 million customers, including 96% are natural persons. In addition, 2021 was marked by the launch by BAM of a new service aimed at centralizing information relating to irregular checks and making it available to users in the form of a value-added service.

The consultations carried out by the users in this respect made it possible to raise that a checked check out of ten shows an irregularity, which is presented in 82% of the cases in the form of banking prohibition and 10% of closed accounts, underlines the report.




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