More than 500,000 candidates for the tests

More than 500,000 candidates for the tests

More than 500,000 candidates are taking the national Baccalaureate exam for the normal June session which started Tuesday morning across the Kingdom, announced the Minister of National Education, Preschool and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa.

In a statement to the press after a visit to the high school qualifying Ibn Al-Roumi in Moulay-Bousselham, in the province of Kenitra, Benmoussa stressed that all the conditions have been met for the smooth running of this national deadline. , including the development of 25,000 examination rooms and the mobilization of 50,000 supervisors.

In this sense, he stressed the importance of the measures taken by his department to ensure equal opportunities between candidates, reduce their stress, fight against cases of cheating, guarantee a normal course of examinations and announce the results. within the allotted time.

The Minister did not fail to salute the work of all the stakeholders, including educational managers, local authorities and security services, pointing out that the Baccalaureate constitutes a decisive turning point both for future graduates and for their families who also bear the brunt of the psychological pressure.

In the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region, a total of 80,840 candidates are expected to take the Baccalaureate exams (June 2023), divided between public education (47,625 candidates), private education (8,475 candidates) and the free baccalaureate (24,740 applicants).

The Regional Education and Training Academy has, for this purpose, mobilized more than 20,000 executives and stakeholders to manage the operations related to this national deadline, including 6,005 teachers responsible for the correction operation in 41 centers spread over the seven area directions.

At the level of the provincial management of Kenitra as in all the other directorates of the region, all the devices have been put in place to ensure the success of this deadline, in this case the fight against cases of cheating, affirmed the director Provincial of Education, Aziz Belahcen.

The Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports had announced the introduction, from the June 2023 session, of a new digital technology to produce and manage baccalaureate certificates and transcripts of marks for baccalaureate holders, an operation aimed in particular at strengthening the protection of diplomas and transcripts against any falsification, while reducing the time between the announcement of exam results and the awarding of diplomas.


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