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more than 306,000 new Jawaz Passes sold in 2021

More than 306,000 new Jawaz Passes were sold in 2021, an increase of 25% compared to the previous year, according to the national company of Moroccan highways (ADM).

“Proof of its undeniable success with customer-users, Jawaz continues to record remarkable commercial performance, reaching, at the end of 2021, a total of 1.55 million Passes sold since the launch of electronic toll collection”, indicates ADM in its annual activity report for the 2021 financial year.

After intense and relentless automation and digitalization work started in 2017, ADM was able to reach the CAP of 1 Million Jawaz users in 2020, who decided to opt for this secure, contactless, automatic payment method. simple and above all without additional cost compared to the mode of payment in cash, continues the same source.

And to note that the objective in 2021 was to consolidate these achievements, by multiplying the products and services around Jawaz, with the priority of improving accessibility and the proximity of charging channels. The aim is to ensure that the client-user has a hassle-free trip and allow him to recharge his Jawaz Pass when he wants and where he wants.

It is with this in mind that a range of recharging channels, physical and digital, was launched in 2021: recharging at Afriquia stations and the Damane Cash and Barid Cash physical networks, as well as recharging via Jumia digital solutions. Pay, Crédit du Maroc, Chaabi Pay, Dar Al Amane and Smart Flous.

It has become possible for Jawaz customers to top up their Pass both at local agencies in town and on the motorway at ADM sales agencies and approved service stations. He can also recharge it remotely on the www.jawaz.ma site, via mobile applications, websites or ATMs of partner banks, specifies ADM.

In order to promote and publicize the multitude of sales and recharging channels for the Jawaz Pass, mainly to drivers of heavy goods vehicles and light commuter vehicles (large taxis), ADM launched for the first time, during the first quarter of 2021 , two “Mobile point of sale” operations lasting one month each: a first in the city of Casablanca, then a second in the cities of the Eastern and Southern regions. The “Mobile point of sale” device included equipped and dressed Vans, and dedicated animators, who criss-cross the strategic areas of cities: markets, taxi stands, hot spots, urban service stations, high-traffic places, etc.

In parallel with these field operations, always with the aim of promoting the multitude of charging solutions developed with partners and highlighting the advantages offered by each of the channels, ADM launched a multi-channel co-branded campaign in March 2021, which was deployed for 4 weeks on television, radio and digital.

As for the acquisition of the device, the customer can obtain the Pass Jawaz close to home, even before taking the motorway, at the level of local agencies in town: the Tashilat and Chaabi Cash agencies or the approved Orange shops. On the motorway, the Jawaz Pass is on sale at ADM commercial agencies, and at the main toll stations and service areas of the motorway network, and this, through a mobile sale on site which allows the customer to buy the Pass without leaving your vehicle.

The report also emphasizes “Jawaz Pro” which is a service intended for administrations and public or private companies, having a fleet which may consist of light or heavy vehicles. This service consists of fully autonomous, remote and real-time management of the entire Jawaz fleet through the Jawaz Pro platform. Among the advantages offered by this solution is the possibility of making a central recharge balance purchase that ADM feeds into the platform and that the customer can freely distribute among the Jawaz Passes in his park.

In 2021, ADM continued its efforts to develop the Jawaz Pro customer network. Thus, more than 471 new customers were recruited, bringing the total number of Jawaz Pro customers to more than 900 customers. The turnover achieved by Jawaz Pro customers in 2021 is 257 million dirhams (MDH), an increase of +94% compared to 2020, which constitutes a participation rate of 15% in the overall revenue of Jawaz compared to other channels.



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