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More than 30 women file complaints in Spain

After several complaints from women claiming to have been bitten at parties, the Spanish police are conducting an investigation to find out the groups behind these criminal actions. The women do not know what was injected into them.

This is not the first time that similar facts have happened, especially in European countries. Women, and sometimes men too, are targeted by groups of malicious people who prick them with a syringe without the liquid being identified, nor the suspicious people.

In recent weeks in Spain, complaints and reports, especially via social networks, have alerted to this practice, which has already occurred in several other European countries, including the United Kingdom and France.

For the time being, the toxicological analyzes have not detected any trace of toxic product and no violence or theft have been reported. But the elements of the police suspect that these injections nevertheless have criminal aims, in order to drug the women and sexually assault them.

It would also be likely that blood-borne diseases are injected into these syringes, which it is impossible to know if they have only been used once or several times, again raising the dangers of contagion in contact with the syringe. .

According to a press release from the Basque police, the cases are similar since they target women at parties who all felt an injection, usually in the arm or leg, before feeling dizzy or drowsy shortly afterwards.

In Catalonia (north-east), the police have counted 23 cases, most of them in the tourist town of Lloret de Mar, but also in Barcelona, ​​while in the Basque Country, the police have received twelve complaints in the past two weeks.

The phenomenon appeared in Spain in early July, when eight complaints were filed during the famous San Fermin celebrations in Pamplona (north).

Before Spain, countries like Great Britain reported this phenomenon, then in France where it took a greater measure since the police counted no less than 800 complaints in June.

Without any information on this network, nor the content of the syringes and even less the objective, the Spanish police asked those who suffered this attack to go as quickly as possible to a care center and file a complaint.




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