More than 245,000 candidates passed the regular exam session

More than 245,000 candidates passed the regular exam session

A total of 245,109 candidates enrolled in public and private education passed the tests for the ordinary session of the standardized national examination for obtaining the 2023 baccalaureate.

In a statement, the ministry said that out of the 245,109 candidates who passed the normal session exams, 142,051 were girls.

The overall number of candidates who obtained the baccalaureate increased by 14,000, or 6% compared to the same session of 2022, while the number of candidates who took the exam increased by 18% this year compared to the session. of last year, explains the same source.

The pass rate for this session is 59.74%, the same level as the rates recorded before the 2019 session, while the pass rate reached 63.83% for girls and 54.89% for boys .

The number of candidates who obtained a mention, among those enrolled and free, reached 127,338, i.e. a rate of 48%, the statement continued, adding that the success rate for the international sectors of the Moroccan baccalaureate reached 64.94%. , against 45.48% for vocational baccalaureate courses.

A total of 410,276 enrolled candidates took the exams for this session, with an attendance rate of 96.31%, compared to 348,931 candidates who appeared for last year’s session, a percentage of 97.01%.

The number of independent candidates having passed this examination amounts to 80,615, that is to say an attendance rate of 61.25%. The number of free candidates who passed the exam is 21,289, with a pass rate of 26.41%.

A total of 838 candidates with disabilities passed this exam, i.e. a success rate of 73%, knowing that these candidates benefited from the tests and/or the conditions adapted during all the phases of these tests. According to the ministry, this session is characterized by the adoption of the phygital model of the baccalaureate diploma and transcripts, thus making it possible to strengthen their protection and reduce the delays in issuing diplomas and transcripts of marks to baccalaureate holders.

In addition, 189,234 candidates, including 145,479 enrolled and 43,755 free will pass the catch-up session, which will take place on July 05, 06, 07 and 08, while the results of this session will be posted on the 13th of the same month.


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