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More than 12,000 Moroccan seasonal workers for the red fruit picking campaign

A first contingent made up of 830 Moroccan seasonal workers who will work in the red fruit plantations in southern Spain arrived Wednesday evening at the port of Algeciras, said the Spanish government sub-delegation in Huelva.

In total, 12,300 Moroccan workers, almost the same contingent as last season, will contribute to the smooth running of the strawberry and red berry harvest campaign in Andalusia as part of this year’s agricultural campaign.

The arrival of Moroccan seasonal workers, initially planned for the end of last December, has been postponed due to the international situation linked to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The beneficiaries of this operation will arrive in Spain on board around 15 or 16 ships with a capacity of between 800 and 1,000 people per ship, according to the Agrarian Association of Young Farmers of Huelva (Asaja-Huelva), specifying that these ships will transport only Moroccan workers.

After this first contingent, the whole system will continue with the scheduled arrival of a boat each week until the frequency is doubled at the end of January.

In February, the pace will be stepped up with two boats per week. The number of seasonal workers will increase during the months of March and April coinciding with the most important phase of this agricultural season concerning red fruits.

Consultants from the Ethics, Work and Social Responsibility Plan of the inter-professional association of the strawberry sector (Prelsi) have been appointed to collaborate in the reception of Moroccan seasonal workers in order to speed up entry procedures at the level of the Algeciras airport.




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