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More than 100 law enforcement officers injured in clashes with sub-Saharans

On this Friday, June 24, dozens of sub-Saharan immigrants managed to enter Melilla following a massive assault on the enclave despite the deployment of Moroccan security forces to prevent them. At least 116 Moroccan agents were injured in the face of 500 sub-Saharans armed and prepared to face them.

The day before Thursday, around 100 agents from various Moroccan security forces were injured (including one seriously in intensive care) during clashes with some 500 sub-Saharan migrants gathered in a mountainous region around Beni Bouifrour near the border of Melilla.

Having come to dislodge them from the makeshift camps in the woods where they were staying, the police were greeted by throwing stones and blows with knives, pitchforks and hooks… in possession of this group of perfectly organized sub-Saharans , particularly violent and above all prepared for these kinds of descents.

It is the third time in less than a week (last Saturday this Thursday and this Friday) that violent clashes between sub-Saharans have taken place, according to the Spanish media and the occupied enclaves, taken up by the Spanish press agency EFE.

The Spanish agency informed by security sources indicated with regard to the “pitched battle“ of Beni Bouifrour“that the 116 agents who were injured during the clashes on Friday have been transferred to hospitals in Nador, and that at least One of them was admitted to the intensive care unit due to the seriousness of his condition. The clashes also caused material damage to the vehicles of the Moroccan forces.

The sources explained that the clashes, which lasted most of the day yesterday, broke out when the Moroccan authorities moved towards the place where the emigrants were concentrated to dislodge them, and that on arrival, the sub-Saharans refused to comply by attacking them with stones and other dangerous means at their disposal. El Faro already published these days that the security forces inside the enclave were on high alert well before the invasion on Friday which saw dozens of sub-Saharan clandos entering the presidency. The latter are part of the group, which had been involved in clashes last Saturday and this Thursday. The media reports that so far, the Moroccan Security Forces had avoided a massive invasion of thousands of immigrants, paying the heavy price of 200 injured officers.

Despite the gigantic efforts of the Moroccan side, this morning around 8:40 a.m. dozens of them managed to make the “saving” jump with a sweet or bitter taste of freedom in the Chinatown district of Melilla, according to sources from the enclave. The latter, in passing, recognized that ” the Moroccan Forces, had collaborated actively and in a coordinated manner with the Security Forces and Corps of the President adding that a large group of sub-Saharans, perfectly organized and violent, broke the access door of the Chinatown border checkpoint and entered Melilla by jumping through the roof of the said checkpoint. Members of the National Police Corps collaborated with the Civil Guard to contain the jump to no avail.




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