month of May with revaluations for the unions

The month of May is traditionally marked by increases in social assistance and the guaranteed interprofessional minimum wage (SMIG). And about the latter, it should soon be revalued and guaranteed at a fairer value in Morocco and turn around 3,000 dirhams. The minimum agricultural wage (SMAG) would rise to 2,000 dirhams. This will be an additional 10% for which we have agreed and the payment will be made in two installments, 5% from September 2022 and 5% one year later. is it indicated.

An agreement which, if it takes place, would coincide exactly with Eid El Fitr and Labor Day and which would contain other grievances satisfied with regard to the “holiday” atmosphere that we saw around this last session of the social dialogue. We stick to this, obviously to the whispers after Wednesday’s meeting in the context of the social dialogue held by the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch with the heads of the most representative trade union centers and the General Confederation of Enterprises of Morocco (CGEM).

These measures would have been proposed by the executive to the centrals and the CGEM with a view to an agreement to be initialed before Labor Day, to stay in the right tone of this symbolic date which is traditionally intended to be marked by a revaluation of social benefits. . Proposals which seem “attractive” and which in the symbolism of the trade union spirit does not push to refuse them although… They would be under study by the trade unions and the CGEM which must provide their answer this Friday. It is also rumored that the latter are subject to an instruction of “closed mouth n’entre mouche” towards the press until 1er may.

However, the consumer price index for the most modest households having increased by 1.8% and the food products index is up by 3.8% for the month of March (HCP figures) d ‘where another reason to accept in view of a way out of the crisis of which we do not yet see the end of the tunnel. And if we also have fun drawing up a Prévert-style list of social expectations on purchasing power, social protection, public services, the Labor Code, pensions and the right to strike… there is material to reshuffle the cards and upset the data of this situation. But hey, in these times, the time is not so much for the “long-necked heron”.

On the other hand, it must be noted that, conversely, the current executive led by Aziz Akhannouch succeeds where his predecessor failed by first bringing the parties back to talk to each other, then to reconcile them and above all to negotiate to the point of being very optimistic about a deal. Indeed, it is said, but not very sure (as long as the approval of the three main ones is) that the draft agreement should be signed before May 1st. Other unions remain cautious and have not spoken either.

However, we remain optimistic about “a joint agreement” between the government and the representatives of the Trade Union Centers and the CGEM on social dialogue. We will know a little more when the final answer of these last will be given and to tell the truth with regard to the air of the tone there is only to refer to the festivities of the first of May which will have almost no place this year to guess the tenor of the replica.



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