Monster traffic jam at the Moroccan border this Sunday

Number of vehicles were this Sunday at the Tarajal border in Sebta still waiting to enter Morocco. The massive traffic jam caused motorists to spend at least four hours at the borders before accessing the roads of the Kingdom as part of Operation Marhaba. The third dose of the vaccine in question.

The happy motorists who were able to subscribe to the formalities at Sebta to enter Morocco this Sunday, reported a long line of vehicles and a relatively long waiting time to pass (more or less 4 hours) which in these heat waves does not is not convenient.

The problem with this, the requirement of the Government Delegation in Sebta to pass all vehicles without exception through the registration area of ​​Loma de Colmenar, open 24 hours a day since May 26, in order to facilitate the passage at the border in anticipation of Operation Marhaba which has been taking place since June 15th.

But unfortunately these are not the expected results, since on the one hand we are letting the encave go by the trickle and that from Bab Sebta travelers to the Kingdom are increasing exponentially, for the most part not are not briefed in advance about the documentary and health requirements (3thdose of anti-covid vaccine) that Morocco requires to authorize entry into the country.

This creates waits of up to four hours and some speak of a “dramatic situation” with the constant arrival of ships from the Peninsula on board which are families of Moroccans residing in Europe. Beyond the fact that customs control is also strict, it is the health problem that causes this funnel situation that causes an accumulation of people and vehicles on the Spanish side.

Crossing the borders to Morocco takes over four hours, despite the sign visible on the Spanish side indicating two hours. During the day, yesterday Saturday, 1,123 vehicles passed through the two crossings, including 656 non-residents in the enclave or in Spain.

The waiting situation becomes unbearable and, the inhabitants of Sebta and other freight forwarders denounce that there is no assistance or support and that moreover, everyone is housed in the same boat, Sebtis and arrivals from the Peninsula… It turns into chaos at times. Added to this is the lack of other services. There isn’t a single nearby food and/or drink stand that travelers can resort to in these scorching times.

This Sunday, therefore, was characterized by long queues in the area dedicated to this of Loma Colmenar to cross the Sebta border in Morocco by car with this finding of the flow of vehicles towards Morocco becoming more and more incessant.

In Loma Colmenar, more than a hundred cars were parked this Sunday morning and were waiting to be able to continue on their way to Morocco. In total, twelve lines were filled with at least twenty vehicles each in which many children and families were there, patiently waiting for the national police officers to give them permission to continue their journey.

In Sebta the information panels detail and warn that the process is “slow” and that in the dedicated area towards the border crossing, the waiting time was at least two hours. And if we add the time in the Moroccan zone, we actually end up getting closer in the best case to three hours and sometimes much more.



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