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Monster demonstrations against the reforms wanted by Netanyahu

Thousands of Israelis pounded the pavement on Saturday in Tel Aviv and other cities across the country to protest against the reforms that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intends to introduce to the justice system. They denounced measures “harmful to the democratic system”.

Indeed, after being denied a cabinet appointment, Netanyahu wanted to introduce a reform of the judicial system aimed at overriding the power of the Supreme Court.

In Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheba and Herzliya, protesters claimed to defend the interests of the state and democracy, as did former prime minister and current opposition leader Yair Lapid. , who posted images showing him in the crowd.

מה שאתם רואים פה היום זו הפגנה בעד המדינה. אנשים שאוהבים את המדינה באו כדי להגן על הדמוקרטיה שלה, על בתי המשפט שלה, על הרעיון של חי ever יש פה אוהבי ישראל שבאו להפגין למען מדינה יהודית דמוקרטית לפי. אנחנו לא נוותר עד שננצח.

📷 אלעד גוטמן pic.twitter.com/WX7yOF0MNu

— יאיר לפיד — Yair Lapid (@yairlapid) January 21, 2023

“What you see here today is a demonstration in favor of the state. People who love the country have come to defend its democracy, its courts, the idea of ​​a common life and a common good,” he wrote on Twitter.

And to add: “Here are lovers of Israel who have come to demonstrate for a democratic Jewish state according to the values ​​of the declaration of independence. We won’t give up until we win.”

It should be noted that these demonstrations come after the decision of the Supreme Court in Israel to annul the appointment of Aryeh Deri to the post of Minister of the Interior in the Netanyahu government, which plunged the latter into a political crisis.

This decision of the Supreme Court has fueled divisions in the Israeli street, between supporters who validate the reform to limit the powers of Justice, and opponents who believe that the Supreme Court was right because Deri is not ministerial since he has been convicted twice in corruption cases.

Note that Lapid was not the only prominent politician to take part in the protests, former defense minister Benny Gantz was also on board, and even took the floor to say that the fight will continue “to prevent the destruction of Israeli democracy”.

This Saturday’s demonstration marks the third consecutive weekend of street protests.



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