Mohcine El Kouraji wins the 19th Tour of Cameroon

Mohcine El Kouraji wins the 19th Tour of Cameroon

Moroccan cyclist Mohcine El Kouraji won the 19th edition of the Cameroon 2023 International Cycling Tour on Sunday, after fiercely defending the yellow jersey throughout several stages of the prestigious competition.

El Kouraji leads the pack in the general classification of the Tour of Cameroon with a time of 20h35min52s. He is followed on the same ranking by his compatriot Adil El Arbaoui (20h37min06s).

Morocco took the lead during this edition, Achraf Ed Doghmi having won the 8th and last stage.

Ed Doghmi traveled the distance of 118 km between the cities of Bafia and Yaoundé in a time of 02h57min26s. He beat the Cameroonian Clovis Kamzong Abessolo who entered 2nd.

Salaheddine Marouani and El Houcaine Sabbahi ranked 4th and 5th respectively.

Five Moroccan riders took part in the 19th edition of the Cameroon International Cycling Tour (June 3-11). Their performance lived up to all expectations.

The Moroccan team was made up of Achraf Ed Doghmi, recent winner of the Tour of Benin, and fifth in Africa in the ranking of the International Cycling Union (UCI), Adil El Arbaoui, Mohcine El Kouraji, Salaheddine Marouani and El Houcaine Sabbahi, supervised by former cycling champion and national trainer, Abdelati Saadoune.

During their participation in the Tour, Moroccan cyclists sought to achieve positive results to pocket the points capable of ensuring qualification for the Olympic Games to be held in Paris in 2024. And it’s done!

In addition to the Moroccan national team, teams from Rwanda, Benin, Algeria and Cameroon, the host country, participated in the International Tour of Cameroon, which began in 2003, as well as professional and semi-professional teams from European countries, especially France and the Netherlands.

The Tour du Cameroun has been classified in category 2.2 on the UCI Africa Tour since 2005.


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