Mohamed Sadiki announces * proactive measures to stabilize grain prices

The Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, Mohamed Sadiki, reported on proactive measures that have been decided in order to guarantee the stability of grain prices on the national market.

Speaking Tuesday during the oral questioning session in the Chamber of Councilors, Sadiki explained that these measures consist of the suspension of customs duties applied to the import of wheat from November 1 in order to ensure the supply of the country. national market and the establishment of a compensation mechanism for the import of common wheat, if necessary, on the basis of a minimum reference price, in order to preserve the stability of flour prices.

He also noted that the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact several sectors and activities, thus negatively affecting international markets and leading to an increase in the prices of several products used in the manufacture of agricultural inputs. (seeds, fertilizers and pesticides), as well as the cost of certain services, notably freight.

The good results recorded in the various production sectors and the exceptional cereal harvest achieved last year have enabled the continuation of supply to the national market under good conditions and the preservation of the positive trend of agricultural exports to the various markets. international, he said.

Regarding the internal market, the Minister underlined the satisfactory state of supply of the markets in basic agricultural and food products, noting that the prices of certain products may experience normal fluctuations.

Prices depend on the world market

He also attributed the relative rise in the prices of certain industrial food products, such as edible oil, to the increase in the prices of raw materials on international markets.

Sadiki, however, noted that the improvement of fodder reserves allowed the fall of the prices of animal feed, thus generating a positive impact on the activities of animal production and the incomes of the breeders, in particular at the beginning of the agricultural season.

In relation to the world market, the rise in the prices of cereals and raw materials at the international level is the consequence, according to the Minister, of the simultaneous launch of economic recovery plans, of the increase in world demand for raw materials, as well. as energy prices, which has led to increased costs of transport, freight and production, in addition to bad weather conditions in some parts of the world which have reduced production for export.

Regarding Moroccan exports, the minister indicated that the volume of fruit and vegetable exports reached two million tonnes during the last campaign, an increase of 6% compared to a year earlier.

Exports for the 2021-2022 season started last month and are being closely monitored, noting that the agricultural conditions at the start of this campaign are similar to those of the past season, Sadiki concluded.



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