Mohamed Ouzzine challenges Nasser Al Khelaïfi about the Hafid Derradji case

Mohamed Ouzzine challenges Nasser Al Khelaïfi about the Hafid Derradji case

In a letter addressed to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “BEIN” media group, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, the Secretary General of the Popular Movement (MP) party and former Minister of Youth and Sports, Mohamed Ouzzine, called for a “clear position” of the group concerning the serious errors and highly offensive behavior towards the Moroccan Nation, committed by the Algerian columnist Hafid Derradji.

The former minister spoke directly to the boss of the BEIN group, where the Algerian journalist columnist Hafid Derraji officiates, in a letter which calls for a position to be taken by the management of the channel vis-à-vis these behaviors. which hit the headlines and hurt the feelings of Moroccans.

The Algerian journalist never stopped insulting the Moroccan people, provoking them and touching on the constants of the Kingdom of Morocco, without the channel taking severe measures against him.

Today, in the wake of the abusive dismissal of a Moroccan journalist by the Al Jazeera channel, for having demanded the withdrawal of a tweet defending the honor of Moroccan women on Twitter in the face of yet another round of Algerian provocations and insults, under the pretext of not “offending” Algeria, the SG of the MP took up the case of the Algerian sports commentator Hafid Derradji who, in application of the policy of hatred against Morocco in his country, is a past master in provocations of resentment between Arab peoples and in particular vis-à-vis the Moroccan people.

“I would like, first of all, to express to you my feelings of esteem, consideration and praise for the services rendered by your pioneering media group to viewers throughout the world, in particular its multilingual sports channels which enjoy ‘a large crowd and a large audience with the Moroccan public,’ said Mohamed Ouzzine in his letter.

Affirming that in Morocco, the Qatari group is appreciated and praised for its editorial line “based on objectivity and impartiality in its positions with regard to Arab teams and selections, through the criteria adopted with regard to the selection of commentators for Arab-Arab matches”, Ouzzine considered that, however, it was regrettable to see the “deviation” of journalist Derradji from this approach adopted by the group.

“Through the instrumentalization of the reputation and fame he has acquired through his work within the group”, the Algerian commentator takes the opportunity “to spread feelings of hatred and resentment between peoples and sports audiences Arabs”.

This is manifested through the “multiple publications and statements on social networks, in which he attacks Morocco, the Moroccan people and the institutions of Morocco”, the politician wrote bluntly.

“His moral baseness even led him to defame the honor of Moroccan women”, he underlined, adding that the “mutism” with regard to Derradji’s irresponsible behavior “encourages him to persist in his behavior unacceptable”.

“This silence would be interpreted, something that we exclude, as a guarantee by the management of the group of the serious errors committed by the journalist”, estimated the SG of the MP whose words perfectly reflect the general opinion of the Moroccan people concerning this affair which dragged on too long.

Mohamed Ouzzine thus concluded by addressing Nasser Al Khelaïfi that “everyone is aware of the nature of the underpinnings that animate Mr. Derradji behind the scenes” and that the millions of Moroccans who watch the group’s channels expect “that you announce a clear position that would put an end to Mr. Derradji’s excesses and preserve the group’s reputation”.


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