Mohamed Kohen publishes his new novel “For fun!”

The writer Mohamed Kohen, has just signed his new novel, “For the pleasure! “, Which has just been published by” La Croisée des Chemins “editions.

Encapsulating the lives of two women that everything separates, the book tells a frantic pace of life of these two friends, under the sign of the desire for one and the silent observation for the other who is the narrator of this story. Alia and Sophia, two women who are opposed to everything, their characters, their ways of life and their paths, but whom a friendship will bring together despite these differences.

In this novel, the wise and calm Alia tells the story of her relationship with Sophia.

A brilliant business leader, married and mother, the latter is also a femme fatale, her motto: to ignore the agreed, the suitable and the conventional.

Mohamed Kohen is a surgeon, born in 1956 in Fez. He continued his university studies in Casablanca and then in Nantes where he taught and worked as Head of clinic.

” For pleasure! “Is his second book, after” Le bloc des contradictions “.


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