Mohamed Belmo signs his new collection “Knives in the back of the air”

The poet Mohamed Belmo signed, this weekend at the Mohammed V theater in Rabat, his new collection “Knives in the back of the air”.

Organized by the Plastic Thinking Association in cooperation with the Mohammed V Theater and the support of the Regional Directorate of the Culture Department of Rabat-Salé-Kénitra, the signing ceremony was devoted to the reading of extracts from this collection by the thinker and professor of philosophy at Mohammed V University in Rabat, Mohamed Chiguer.

Speaking on this occasion, Mohamed Belmo noted that the collection deals with problems of a personal, social and human nature with, as a common thread, the betrayal which the air suffers in the proper sense, like the spread of nuclear weapons, chemical and bacterial pollution and the resulting climate change.

And to add that the title of the collection also has a metaphorical connotation, reference made to freedom, in particular that of the peoples who are still under the yoke of the occupation, but also to certain trials which he has experienced and to which he resisted through poetry.



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