Moha Ennaji publishes his new novel “Douce lumière”

The writer and academic Moha Ennaji, recently published with Marsam editions, his new novel “Sweet light”, after “The olive tree of wisdom”, published in 2017.

In “Shower of light”, Moha Ennaji, president of the International Institute of Languages ​​and Cultures in Fez, tells the story of the tribulations of Ahmed, born in a small village in the foothills of the Middle Atlas in the heart of a poor family, at the end of the French protectorate.

Over the years, and thanks to his education and training, without denying his Amazigh origins in a rapidly changing Morocco, Ahmed will become a doctor, and since then everything seems to be successful for him, until that sad day when his doctor announces to him that he has an incurable disease and where his greatest struggle begins

According to the author, “through this human trajectory, it is a whole epoch of Morocco which comes back to life, with its joys and its tragedies, its hopes and its disappointments: a destiny which will speak to each of us, a pure brilliance of ‘humanity’.

Douce Lumière “transmits contemporary Morocco to the rest of the world, from America to Europe and Africa. He speaks this language of the heart, of sincerity, of non-violence, of love for things and people in the beautiful landscapes of Morocco, the Sahara, the Atlas and the Rif ”, adds Moha Ennaji.

Also president of the South-North Center in Fez, Moha Ennaji is the author of several articles and books, among which “Multiculturalism and Democracy in North Africa” (Routledge, London, 2014), “Multilingualism, Cultural Identity, and Education in Morocco ”(Springer New York, 2005),“ Language and Gender in the Mediterranean Region ”(Mouton de Gruyter Berlin, 2008) and“ gender and violence in the Middle East ”(Routledge 2012, collective). He has also published numerous articles in Moroccan, European and American journals and newspapers.



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