Miraoui finds this escalation “incomprehensible”

After having expressed their refusal of the integration of Moroccan students from Ukraine, the National Commission of Students in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy of Morocco is going to escalate and plans a descent to Rabat, tomorrow, June 29, in addition to a national internship strike on July 5th.

The last escalation of medical students dates back to 2019, when future doctors, dentists and pharmacists decided to embark on a strike and boycott of lectures, TP – TD and medical internships which lasted more than 8 months in addition to the exam boycott.

At the time, they refused that students from private faculties (so-called foundations) pass their internship competition within the public university hospitals of Morocco because of the many imbalances experienced by the public faculties in medicine and the university hospitals. in particular the lack of training ground, teachers, or even specialty positions for all.

This time, future doctors (general practitioners, dentists, pharmacists) opt again for climbing for practically the same reasons, namely training and field internships as well as the educational component for teaching medicine.

In a statement, the National Commission of Students in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy of Morocco criticized “ the pedagogical control book which governs the third cycle of medical studies, as well as the appalling overcrowding experienced by hospital training grounds”.

“Instead of making decisions aimed at expanding the training grounds of hospitals and improving the quality of medical and pharmaceutical training, unilateralism persists in addition to pursuing policies that threaten the country’s health sector through decisions destructive »lamented the Commission.

The same Commission estimated that the reduction of the duration of training from seven to six years leads to many concerns about the quality of training, mainly with regard to the quality of the diploma and its internationality and the training conditions in the sixth year, which must be detailed “.

Similarly, medical students in Morocco have renewed their rejection of the process of integrating Moroccan students from Ukraine, judging it impossible to achieve because of the direct threat it represents to the quality of training for students in medicine.

In response to this escalation of future doctors, Abdellatif Miraoui, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, called the announced strike ” incomprehensible”regretting the ongoing clashes with Moroccan students in Ukraine and the misunderstanding of local students for their exceptional situation.

The ministry is working to find a solution for students coming from Ukraine, and public opinion is also sought to convince Moroccan students of the need to interact with this category “said the minister in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews rejecting the position of future doctors on their part.

For the Minister, Moroccan medical students are “ become administrators and pedagogues who talk about subjects far from their specialization and their studies “. Miraoui therefore asked himself the question of ” why then this refusal “believing that there is” something wrong “.

Thus, Miraoui confided to MoroccoLatestNews that his department was working to offer a competition to Moroccan students in Ukraine so that they could integrate the Moroccan public university thus falling under “ the merit principle that is available “.

The door to dialogue is always open with the students, and the problem of those who come from Ukraine is more important than everyone else (…) Have the students from Bulgaria or Romania been asked to return? No. But we are in a war situation, which requires exceptional treatment “said Miraoui.

The Minister of Higher Education, Innovation and Scientific Research mentioned the possibility of ” politicize the strike » of future physicians given that ” the reasons are not understood underlining Morocco’s need for doctors in the face of the challenge of generalizing social protection, recalling that next year will see a 20% increase in the number of medical students.

Regarding internship issues, Miraoui said that “ the Ministry of Health is trying to manage the file, and dialogue is open with the private sector, as well as clinics calling for the need to understand contexts and invoke the public interest for all.



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