MINURSO mission convenes with Moroccan officials in Rabat in light of Smara terrorist attack

MINURSO mission convenes with Moroccan officials in Rabat in light of Smara terrorist attack

The United Nations MINURSO representatives held a lengthy meeting with Moroccan authorities last Monday in Rabat, to discuss the recent terrorist bombings in the city of Smara, according to an informed MoroccoLatestNews source.

The source spoke of “the presence of a report by the mission on the events that took place in the city of Smara, which claimed the life of a young Moroccan man, and sustainably injured three.”

Omar Hilale, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Morocco to the United Nations, pointed out that the silence of the Polisario regarding the Smara events indicate its involvement in the terrorist acts that targeted unarmed civilians, stressing that “the matter will not go unpunished.”

After it was reported that three people were injured and one person killed as a result of explosive projectiles being fired at residential neighborhoods in Smara, the Public Prosecutor at the Court of Appeal in Laayoune came out with a report announcing that the suited judicial police had been assigned to conduct a thorough investigation on the attack.

The same report indicated that the Attorney General at the Court of Appeal in Laayoune entrusted the research team with carrying out the necessary technical and ballistic expertise to uncover the source and nature of the explosion, which caused the death of one of the victims and the wounding of three others of varying severity, including two critical cases who were transferred to the hospital in Laayoune to receive the necessary treatment.

The same source emphasized that the Attorney General is keen to arrange the necessary legal measures in light of the investigation findings.

The “Polisario representative in New York” justified the terrorist acts that targeted residential areas by “the existence of a state of war with the Kingdom of Morocco” since the liberation of the Guerguerat in 2020.

Moroccans, still ravaged by the terrorist attack, took to the streets this Sunday,on the eve of the 48th anniversary of the Green March, marching to denounce the terrorist attacks orchestrated by the separatist Polisario on October 29 in Smara.

The attack, which disturbed the southern provinces’ long-enjoyed peace, dates back to the night of October 28 to 29, at around 1 a.m., when Smara was rocked by four explosions at three sites, killing one civilian and injuring three others.


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