Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication unveils ambitious vision, budget for 2024

Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication unveils ambitious vision, budget for 2024

In a recent budget presentation, the Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication revealed an all-encompassing vision that harmonizes the diverse dimensions of these three pivotal sectors. 

The budget allocation for 2024 reflects substantial investments across the three domains, demonstrating a forward-looking approach to fostering inclusivity, economic growth, and cultural sovereignty.

In 2023, the Ministry allocated MAD 1.2 billion to the youth sector. This investment underscores the government’s commitment to empowering the nation’s youth and enhancing their social integration.

An equally substantial sum of MAD 1.22 billion went to the culture sector, as the ministry was determined to redefine the role of culture in society, moving away from the conventional notion of culture as a mere pastime or secondary pursuit.

The communication sector received a budget of MAD 450 million this year, with a particular emphasis on supporting press companies, with an allocation of MAD 248 million.

Compared to 2023, the Ministry’s 2024 budget has surged by MAD 200 million, a noteworthy development that signals its commitment to advancing these critical sectors. 

In 2024, the ministry will invest MAD 1.33 billion in the youth sector, MAD 1.15 billion in culture, and MAD 465 million in communication.

The ministry also envisions the potential for additional budgets through various agreements tied to diverse projects and programs.

The government body has outlined central principles that will guide its future endeavors: inclusion, wealth creation, cultural sovereignty, and the reinforcement of national identity. 

It is also determined to make culture the driving force of the economy through a range of strategic measures, including the promotion of the “economy of festivals,” the modernization of legal frameworks for creators, copyright law revisions, and a comprehensive agreement with the Federation of Cultural and Creative Industries.

A new cinema industry law is in the works, with an expected boost to international production revenues, set to reach MAD 1 billion in December 2023. 

Investing in international productions has always been a profitable strategy, contributing to job creation and the promotion of Morocco’s unique landscapes.

As the Ministry has recognized the potential of the electronic games industry, it has initiated a bold project to establish a dedicated city for electronic games. 

This venture aims to position Morocco as an international hub for electronic game manufacturing, a sector projected to grow by 10% and reach $80 million by 2027. 

Additionally, the creation of three new fine arts schools with electronic game design programs in Oujda, Rabat, and Agadir will contribute to this industry.

The Ministry’s new plan for the media industry centers on two critical principles: pluralism and independence.

As part of the press sector reform, the Ministry will support and modernize press companies, expand the reach of the national press globally, address press code issues, enhance media training, and combat the spread of fake news.

The Ministry has also set its sights on transforming the public media landscape, striving to create a unified media “holding” despite facing various challenges.

Protecting Morocco’s rich heritage is a top priority for the Ministry. It is actively engaged in several projects and initiatives, including bilateral cooperation with the United States to combat heritage theft.


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