Ministry of Transport welcomes Morocco’s re-election to IMO Council

The Ministry of Transport and Logistics welcomed the re-election of Morocco on Friday to the Council of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), which confirms, he stressed, the important role that the Kingdom plays in favor of maritime safety and security.

In a statement, the department of Mohamed Abdeljalil notes that Morocco, which was in contention with 28 other candidate countries for the 20 category “C” seats on the IMO council, was re-elected with 115 votes out of 160, thus confirming the important role played by the Kingdom in favor of maritime safety and security and the preservation of the marine environment.

This re-election also confirms the prominent place occupied by the Kingdom within the international maritime community in general and within this UN institution in particular, which is currently holding the 32nd session of its General Assembly in London, puts forward the ministry.

This is the crowning of the sustained efforts and the dynamic role of the Kingdom in the bodies and organs of the IMO, the press release notes, adding that this crowning is the result of a promotional campaign carried out jointly by the Ministry of Transport and Logistics and that of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad.

This re-election of Morocco to the IMO Council thus reflects the confidence the Kingdom enjoys in the international maritime community and constitutes international recognition of the progress made by Morocco, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, and in particular in the maritime and port sector, indicates the same source.

During the opening of the proceedings of the General Assembly, which were held at a distance, the Minister of Transport and Logistics highlighted, in an intervention distributed to delegations of IMO member states, the achievements of the Morocco in terms of infrastructure, capacity building and effective implementation of IMO instruments and conventions, as well as the role played by Morocco in the service of the international maritime community.

Since joining the IMO in 1962, Morocco has worked tirelessly to support actions carried out by the IMO to strengthen maritime safety and security, fight against pollution and improve the living conditions of seafarers.



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