Ministry of Culture launches new platform,

Ministry of Culture launches new platform,

The Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication has introduced a new cultural platform called to highlight Moroccan culture, literature, and festivals.

This platform offers Moroccan cultural materials in the areas of literature, history, and music.

This website will aid in the process of cataloging the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Morocco and will celebrate it through images, video clips, and an outline of each component, as well as by highlighting national cultural events and even books that are now in print

The cultural platform plays a crucial role as a facilitator for access to culture and the dissemination of multimedia content in the Moroccan domains of the arts, books, and heritage (many videos documenting cultural festivals, book fairs, and physical and intangible cultural assets).

A virtual library will also be a part of the cultural platform, available to people of all backgrounds, allowing for the presentation and archiving of significant cultural events, elevating the value of artistic abilities, promoting literary works, and safeguarding Moroccan cultural heritage.

Additionally, this platform will offer a location where the events of the cultural sector in its three spheres of arts, publications, and history may be seen clearly.

The website safeguards and advances Moroccan cultural heritage.

 The platform’s data will be constantly and continuously updated, and it will also be enhanced with fresh information. As a result, each visit to the site will be engaging and participatory with the chance to find new videos about books, arts, and cultural heritage.


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