Ministry of Culture announces supporting 159 projects in Morocco

Ministry of Culture announces supporting 159 projects in Morocco

The Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication announced the results of support for associations, cultural bodies, festivals, and cultural and artistic events for the year 2023, which amounted to a total of MAD 7.43 million.

According to a statement from the Ministry, the committee in charge of examining the offers of projects proposed for support in the current year held several meetings to determine which projects would be eligible for the support. 

The committee ultimately decided to support 159 projects out of 742 files for a total cost of MAD 7.43 million.

The press release explained that these projects are distributed among cultural demonstrations (59 projects), cultural and artistic festivals (98 projects), and partner associations (two projects).

The Ministry indicated that this support comes as the implementation of the requirements of Decree No. 2.12.513 issued on May 13, 2013, related to supporting cultural and artistic projects, and joint decision between the Minister of Culture and the Minister of Economy and Finance No. 1387.15 issued on March 9, 2015, related to determining how to support cultural associations and bodies, artistic unions, festivals, and cultural and artistic events.

This financial help is provided in support of the Ministry’s policy of promoting cultural proximity through the funding of cultural and artistic programs and endeavors.


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